Great read!

I find that as the sector matures, there is more of an opportunity to specialise than ever before.

Where as full stack was expected, separate back end and front end developers are often preferred.

Testing has gone from something optional to being integral to the process. Indeed, there are test engineers who specialise in writing code to test other code!

There was a great Uncle Bob article about about a programmers vs demand. I just found it here:

In short, the number of programmers is only just keeping up with the demand for programmers. This means there are lots of junior programmers, but relatively few experienced coders. It isn’t that they have stopped coding, it is just that relatively, there are loads more young/junior devs.

The industry is still very young and experience is absolutely valued. Until the rate of demand foe coders falls, this ratio is likely to remain.

Founder and consultant at Codiate, with over 20 years of experience as a developer.

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